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of actual physical Runescape games, and fully expects that number to double by the end of 2013. I wonder if that trend represents some kind of forgotten ache for tactile things, as if the pervasive touch screen engenders, clumsily, some vestigial longing for actual touch. Who knows whether this soft introduction to those kinds of Runescape game mechanics might eventually lead people to Cheap RS Gold try more real, physical Runescape games together; that’s always been the dream, hasn’t it? Runescape game developers pushing microtransactions driven social Runescape games, viral Facebook labor engines, have always liked to point out they’ve finally made a Runescape game their mother wants to play, as a sort of justification for that sinister virulence. So here we are Runescape games are for everyone, now. Well done. Now what?

This week, our partnership with Runescape game criticism site Critical Distance Tadhg Kelly has an interesting article on the inward facing practices of casual Runescape games, and how their approach focusing on metrics is actually very familiar to usObsessed with measuring everything and therefore defining all of their problems in numerical terms, social Runescape game makers have come to believe that those numbers are all there is, and this is why they cannot permit themselves to invent. Like TV people, they are effectively in search of that one number that will explain fun to them.

There must, they reason, be some combination of LTV and ARPU and DAU and so on that captures fun, like hunting for the Higgs boson. It must be out there somewhere.Independent developer Jake Birkett showed up on Gamasutra’s Expert Blogs this week with this provocatively titled article, in which he datamines the revenue of some of his recent Runescape games and draws some conclusions about the state of mobile gaming.On Tap Repeatedly, AJ Lange asks what the real market pressures are for Cheap RS Gold something like Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.Tangentially on the subject of economics, you know that Runescape game Monopoly?

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