Araxxor is here, and he can’t delay to split you branch from branch in a single or duo manager fight to the death!
When we asked the kind of manager content you desired a few months ago, the concept was clear: there’s nothing you like more than wrestling with a beefy fight manager.

Araxxor won’t dissatisfy, as you choose your path through his lair, avoid risks, and lastly experience the monster himself – on your conditions.There are consistently moving templates to the lair, and lots of awesome benefits – such as level 90 two-handed weaponry and creepily lovely crawl animals.We’ve also incorporated Have a nervous tic loading into RuneScape, and spruced up the entrance hall.

Legacy Mode is an optional setting which allows you to play the modern game, but with traditional interfaces and old-style combat, without the need to learn the new Evolution of Combat system.